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Have you always dreamed of having your dream home designed? The CNCPT A architects are happy to help you realize your dream. Analyzing your wishes and you as a user is where the challenge lies for us to design a unique new-build home. Below you will find a selection of our designed new-build homes and self-build homes.

The different phases during the design of a new construction project

The design of a new construction project consists of 9 different phases. We briefly explain them below.

Phase 1: initiation

In the initiation phase, the focus is on mapping the current situation. In this way we provide insight into what is possible within the zoning plan and we will translate your wishes and ideas into a concept sketch design. Read more about the initiation phase.

Phase 2: preliminary design

During the preliminary design phase, the focus is on the design. By using 3D visualisations, we provide insight into the design. This 3D design gives you a good impression of what the project will eventually look like. Read more about the preliminary design phase.

Phase 3: final design

When we have arrived at the final design phase, the materialization plays an important role. During this phase you can have an element budget drawn up. This gives you a realistic picture of the construction costs and you can adjust the design to your budget if necessary. Read more about the final design phase.

Phase 4: environmental permit phase

In some cases, an environmental permit plays an important role in the realization of the new-build project. In this phase we get to work on making the design suitable, if an environmental permit is required. Read more about the environmental permit phase.

Phase 5: technical design

The design is currently complete and the permit has now been applied for from the municipality. During this phase we make a technical design of the construction drawings and we record all construction preparations and necessary data. Read more about the technical design phase.

Phase 6: tender

During this phase you have the option to request a quote from several contractors. Because the prices are formed on the basis of the technical design, you can compare the quotes with each other. Read more about the tender phase.

Phase 7: contract formation

During phase 7, we are happy to advise you on the content of the contract. This contract states, among other things, what has to be made, what it will cost, the guarantees and the starting moment. Read more about the contract formation phase.

Phase 8: Execution Design

As a result of the contracting phase, design adjustments are often required. The execution design phase is reserved for coordinating the execution technology, materialization and detailing. Read more about the implementation design phase.

Phase 9: construction

The last step is the most fun, namely the construction phase. During this phase, the project is executed and you can see how the design comes to life piece by piece. Read more about the construction phase.

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