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CNCPT A was established in 2019 by Maja Frackowiak-Fernandez and Tjarda Roeloffs Valk. Based in The Hague, the Netherlands, we provide concept based architecture and engineering solutions to contemporary architectural issues in different parts of the world. Our designs range from buildings of all types and sizes, to urban planning and landscape visions, to installations and interiors. What unites them is our analytical approach to every single project we take on.

In the process, we take a deep look into our clients needs and ambitions, into the urban / landscape context of the location and we weigh with great care every piece of nature we build on.

Our ambition is to realise sustainable projects, by our concept based architecture and engineering solutions, that not only function on their own but also activate their contexts, public spaces and communities.

"We are constantly looking for the best possible solutions for both humans and nature."



Founding partner/principal architect, leading CNCPT A since 2019

Education: Universität Stuttgart, Germany; Politechnika Poznańskia, Poland


Maja’s personality and architecture have been shaped by her multiple international experiences on academic, professional and personal level. Following architectural and city planning studies in Poland and Germany she moved to Spain to work with Manuel Ocaña. During her time in Madrid Maja worked on projects based on strong and extraordinary concepts, later renounced in multiple architectural publications. Then she moved back to Germany, where working with Scholl Architecten she learned the fine art of architectural detail and how it can make a building stand or fall. Her next step was moving to the Netherlands where she worked for 10 years at LIAG, one of the oldest Architectural Studios in Holland. This period was a constant learning curve in flexible and multifunctional architecture where sustainability is key. Specialising in design for kids and young adults she was part of teams designing multiple kindergartens, schools and universities. Her most challenging but also most rewarding project at LIAG was leading the designing team of internationally recognised Princess Máxima Centre for Child Oncology - childrens hospital where principles of healing environment have been put into practice. In 2019 Maja co-founded CNCPT A, where she keeps on developing her interests in conceptual architecture with emphasis on buildings flexibility, adaptive reuse and transformation.

"I strongly believe that good concept is key to outstanding architecture. And a concept can be truly strong only if based on functionality, flexibility and spacial harmony. If so it will simultaneously meet its user's needs, challenge them to try new ways of performing the known activities and provide possibilities for necessary transformations. That’s how ultimate sustainability is achieved: by standing the test of time.”


Roeloffs Valk

Founding and managing partner/principal engineer, leading CNCPT A since 2019

Education: University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands; Built Environment..


Tjarda is a Creative Concepter with a passion for innovation and creativity. With his analytical skills he supports the designing process and brings a fresh view to existing problems providing custom, often unexpected, solutions. During his studies in Utrecht, Tjarda joined the team of LIAG Architecten, where he worked on his graduation project. For the next 5 years he continued to work at LIAG, learning in practice the complexity of the design and building process. During that time he worked on many intricate projects, on several of which with Maja, including on the internationally recognised Princess Máxima Centre for Child Oncology. His next step was to start his own business. Together with a former colleague and old university friends he co-founded Studio Kustlijn Architecten. Kustlijn’s aims were to combine interior design, architecture and engineering while delivering a positive experience for their clients. Tjarda specialised in the production of fully integrated plans for renovations, refurbishments and new-build projects. This allowed him to solidify know-how and expand his network in the construction world. After a period of 6 years and more than 100 projects, the need for a new direction came up with a new focus. In 2019 Tjarda and Maja started CNCPT A, where he focuses on a future-oriented, design-based concepts, functionality and flexibility.

“For a building process to be successful it is equally important to have the right design as to bring the right people together. The personal aspects of the design and building process should never be underestimated. After all buildings are for people.”