Services of CNCPT A



CNCPT A specialises in concept based architecture and interiors. We provide analytical solutions to complex spacial problems on a big and a small scale. We always keep the user and the environment in our mind when delivering flexible, future-oriented and sustainable designs.

We are located in the cosmopolitan city of The Hague and the vast majority of our clients are expat families. We specialise in assisting them through the Dutch building process and bureaucracy and help them transform the local house offerings to their needs and expectations.



CNCPT A assists its clients in the complex building process. We provide engineering solutions for our designs, bringing together the necessary advisors, filing building permits and supervising the construction. We translate the design into reality for you.

We work with an “open BIM method”. This means that everything we design, starting from the first sketch, is in 3D and everyone involved in the process has access to the file. All the involved advisors can work on the project with their own software from their own devices, the client can view the state of the project at any time and, during the construction phase, any doubts are immediately clarified. Thanks to BIM we work fast, efficient and on budget.



Our passion is to develop future urban and landscape concepts. Spotting a problem and looking for a solution makes us tick. CNCPT A is always excited about new ideas and visions.

We work in close contact with developers, analysing spacial possibilities of potential plots, coming up with ideas for possible programs, forms and materialisation. We also take our own initiative and prepare case-studies for forgotten spots in The Hague.

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