Architectural firm The Hague

CNCPT A is an architectural firm based in The Hague. We are specialized in delivering concept-based architecture and offer architectural solutions for various architectural issues. We do this not only in the Netherlands, but also in other beautiful parts of the world. The designs we create are very diverse. We have designed several large and small buildings, but we also develop interior and urban design concepts. At CNCPT A we immerse ourselves in the needs and use of the client. The user and nature are central to our design process.


Architectural designs for new construction and remodelling


At CNCPT A, we specialise in guiding you through the design process and the regulations involved in having your dream home built or remodelled. When creating the design, we keep both your needs and the environment in mind. In addition to projects for individuals, CNCPT A works for developers and property owners.

Architectural solutions for a remodel or new construction


There is a lot involved in remodelling a property. CNCPT A provides architectural and technical solutions for our designs. We bring together the necessary consultants, file environmental permits and supervise the construction. CNCPT A translates the idea of your villa, new home, renovation, extension, or roof structure into a design and together we bring the design to reality. We ensure that your wishes and ideas are converted into visual 3D files, so that you have a clear idea in advance of the result after the conversion or renovation.

Sustainable future concepts


Detecting architectural problems and solving them makes us happy. We have a great passion for developing sustainable and future-proof spatial concepts in which the user and nature are central. We work closely with developers, analysing spatial possibilities of potential plots and coming up with ideas for possible programs, forms, and materialization. We work proactively and prepare case studies on forgotten places in The Hague and the Netherlands.



Maja Frackowiak-Fernandez

Maja has been the director and chief architect at CNCPT A since 2019. Maja's personality has been shaped by both her national and international experiences at the academic, professional, and personal levels. Maja has worked on several extraordinary concepts, which were later published in various architectural publications. Due to her extensive work experience across borders, Maja has a broad knowledge about the possible architectural solutions worldwide. At CNCPT A she continues to develop her passion for conceptual architecture.

Tjarda Roeloffs Valk

Tjarda, like Maja, has been director and chief engineer at CNCPT A since 2019. Tjarda studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht and specialises in realising fully integrated plans for renovations, remodelling and new construction projects. Together with Maja he focuses on future-oriented concepts that are accompanied by sustainability, functionality, and flexibility.