Ontwerp JV21.

Het was een waar genoegen en een eer, om deel te nemen aan de verbouwing van dit prachtige pand uit 1870 in de chique Archipelbuurt van Den Haag, gelegen aan een van de bekendste straten van de mooie Haagsche binnenstad.

The property has always been a combination of living areas on the upper floors and commercial space on the ground floor. Over the years, the building has undergone a number of transformations, originally the ground floor served as a greengrocer's shop, followed by a shop for office supplies. The last and current renovation was carried out by CNCPT A. This involved not only a transformation but also a complete renovation into a modern flexible workplace.

Only after removing the lowered ceilings, partition walls and other dated elements that were installed later did it become clear what a beautiful place the original shop was. The beauty and space that emerged created a sublime blank sheet for a completely new design process.

Prior to the design process, the clients had put forward a very clear vision about how this space should feel and the atmosphere they wanted to create. Clear end goal was a modern warm flexible workplace for young creative freelancers. But also a place that can function as a base for people with a company-related job, who are looking for a professional working environment instead of working from home.

In addition to establishing a physical workplace, the focus was also on creating a community. A community where besides working you can also relax, share experiences and knowledge or simply make new friends

In order to respond to these wishes, a modern and unique interior was chosen. An interior in which intimacy, tranquility and appearance predominate.

In terms of space, we have decided to divide the long, slender space into different zones, each with its own character and matching furniture, depending on the functionality of the zone in question. The flexible workplaces are placed at the entrance for members without a fixed reserved workplace. Within the flexible workplace zone, you can choose to work in a homely setting á la coffee bar, at a long communal table in the middle of the room. The enormous display window with floor-to-ceiling windows still offers workplaces, where you can even work comfortably at a table on the outside and front of the building.

We have designed separate workplaces for the permanent members that are equipped with all comforts in terms of ergonomics. These places are equipped with modern, comfortable chairs and programmable height-adjustable desks. Each of these workplaces has its own storage space specifically linked to each individual workplace and a modern fixed monitor.

As a final work zone, a closed private office has been realized in the back for those who need absolute peace and privacy.

In addition to the work zones, a number of shared spaces have been added to the whole. A sound-insulated telephone box to make calls quietly and thus also keep the peace for the other members. A meeting room for eight people that can be booked, equipped with the necessary modern image and sound facilities to facilitate meetings, a pantry with a cozy dining table next to a comfortable chill corner with beautiful and inspiring reading material and its own printing and printing company. In addition to all that, of course, toilet facilities, a modern kitchen with all amenities and a patio where you can enjoy the sun outside between all the activities.

In order to achieve the cozy and homely character that we strived for together with the clients, we have planted a lot of plants throughout the building, placed works of art and added warm upholstery. To enhance the tranquility and atmosphere of The Sweet Spot, a beautiful color palette of soft earth tones has been chosen. The end result would not have been achieved without the sublime concept styling of SBSN, who in turn has chosen to place various beautiful art objects from Art In Return and complete this with a combination of fresh and dried flowers from flower artist Edenique.

The end result is beautifully portrayed by ByStudioPhylica.

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