Project Hezw.

Usually our clients wish to extend their houses by enlarging the living room or the kitchen. In this case we have solved a different puzzle. The request was not only to do a smart modern house extension of the living/dining room but also to add two new bedrooms. The challenge was to provide the rooms behind the extension with sufficient daylight. This is not only mandatory to obtain a building permit, but more importantly, it is essential for the comfort of its occupants.

The solution lay in creatively dividing the extension into separate parts. By lowering the desired sleeping area, it was possible to create windows above in the existing facade above the new roof. These windows in turn provide daylight and ventilation in the second bedroom, which is located behind the first-most outer one. The other part of the extension does cover the full height of the current floor and offers space for the new expanded dining room. A large glass facade at the rear connects this part of the house with the backyard.

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