About this project

KA01 is a villa located in the well-known Vogelwijk district in The Hague. This beautiful neighborhood was developed in the 1930s and, due to its extraordinary architectural qualities, is under municipal protection. Municipal protection with capital letters may be added. Any extensions, adjustments or the smallest changes to the appearance of the buildings must therefore be agreed with the municipality. As a result, the focus for the roof construction was not on the construction itself, but on the challenging permit process. A process that we fortunately passed with verve, but was also the leading factor in determining the appearance of the roof structure. In order to meet all requirements, it was decided in consultation with the residents and the municipality to go for a classic design for the roof structure, which does not differ from the original building in terms of design and materials. Fortunately, this was by no means a limitation, as the time saved on creating and choosing between multiple designs freed up time, budget and space for an entirely new interior design for the entire home. All this completely in the characteristic 1930s style, which makes the house including the new roof structure a tribute to the architecture of the time. The end result is a beautiful whole, in which the extensive exterior is seamlessly complemented by a restored interior. Everything in 1930s style.

Styles and ideas are beautiful, but remain ideas if you don't have the right skills to make them tangible. That is why we have opted for a collaboration with  van Vliet Construction, who have more than lived up to their reputation.

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