Project reducul.

Westbroekpark has enormous potential to complement and enhance the allure and diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods of the city. We see the space that the Westbroekpark offers as a relief, an oasis of peace and greenery, between the busy tourist beach of Scheveningen and the hectic pace of the  city center. Today, the Westbroekpark offers space for various activities. From a playground to large football fields, from walking in the Rosarium to picnicking in the grass. But if we look deeper, we still miss a connecting element between these activities.

In our view, this location requires a multifunctional social meeting place. A place where there is room for varied activities all year round. An informal place where people can relax with a drink and watch the sunset after a long day of work. Where children can explore the outdoors after school and on weekends and learn through play. A place where acquaintances and strangers can meet and connect in workshops or courses. The Hague is an international city, a city of many languages, of international languages not bound by national borders. International languages such as art and education, two aspects that connect and develop people, and thus leading factors in our concept.

We want children to learn in a playful way, for example to show them where the ingredients on their plates come from, so the choice was quickly made to grow our own vegetables in the pavilion. The location also offers enough space for small-subtle events, for example an intimate wedding in a beautiful location. 

In short, a location where REcreation, eDUcation and CULture come together, called REDUCUL! A multifunctional social concept for The Hague, with an emphasis on meeting and connecting that focuses on a very broad target group with unlimited possibilities.

Unfortunately we didn't win the competition, but check out our concept and the winner of the in Greens in the park League