Ontwerp SKA18

By releasing municipal land for the construction of free-lot housing, the municipality gives prospective residents the unique opportunity to design and build their own home within the city limits.

SKA18 is an example of what a design of your own house could look like on a plot that can be freely arranged. SKA18 is a small but efficiently designed house, specifically designed for terraced plots with a striking feature in the form of a mini courtyard. The natural light in the entire house is guaranteed by an organic flow of elements from the ground floor to the roof. This natural and pleasant flow of light is based on the inner garden on the ground floor, followed by an open space on the first and glass landing on the second floor, with a spacious skylight as the finishing touch.

All these elements on the different living floors are accentuated and supplemented by a special and open staircase construction. 

Another very striking and practical part of the house is the facade. This consists of moving slats that can move between open and fully closed, depending on the wishes of the residents, shade and privacy versus sunlit and openness. Partly due to these slats, a beautiful natural spectacle is created between sunlight and shade, which gives the house a unique character that breathes with the residents and the natural light.