IKC Buitenrijk


On the edge of Rijswijk, where there used to be meadows, the completely new Rijswijk Buiten district has sprung up from the ground. A suburb where the family is central. The result of responding to the educational needs of this new young environment is the creation of a new multifunctional IKC child center.

From an educational point of view, it is an integral child center, which offers space for a playgroup, nursery, before and after school care and a gym.

In order to make optimum use of the building in terms of use but also on a social level, it has been laid out in such a way that it can also be used by the community. By adding spaces for various purposes, along with well-being areas, it has become a multifunctional concept where the child center shares facilities with the community.

The challenge in this design was to create a multifunctional building, based on a multifunctional concept. What had to become a place where everyone could feel at home and safe, regardless of age, profession or other diversities.

To give substance to this, much attention has been paid to giving the individual rooms their own character and location, each with its own entrance.

Overall, a very successful project, designed by LIAG Architects.