About This Project

Our client owns the last floor of this beautiful corner building in the Valkenbos neighbourhood in The Hague. It was build in 1915 and falls under what is called transitional architecture, typical for the expansion districts that originally housed the better-paid workers of that period. The ornaments of this, quite sober, facade originate in this period.

The most characteristic features of this building are the ornamented eaves with continuous wall decorations and the accentuated chimneys. The architecture of the adjacent buildings correspond to the same line and style but the owner’s property, being the corner house, is taller and has more intricate details.

So, when our client tasked us for an extension on the roof, we had a very good look at the original building to determine what is the best approach to this challenge. We definitely wanted to preserve the architectural features of the original building and decided that the new volume would have to be independent of the current one. By creating an additional layer, we avoided loosing the rhythm and verticality of the building. And in terms of color and materials we decided to opt for a contrasting option. Thanks to this and to setting back the volume we created a small but refined roof extension with it’s own character and appearance. At the same time, the original building still shines on its own.

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