About This Project

Designing for researchers is an extraordinary challenge because they spend a large part of their lives in the lab and thus, do not experience a clear distinction between their workplace and their home. Therefore, they need spaces where both work and life can take place simultaneously.
IZB 3 has been designed at the University of Stuttgart as a case study for the Innovation and Start-Up Center for Biotechnology in Munich. The building is an architectural interpretation of the microscopic view of nano-structures, nerve cells and antibodies and has been designed applying the researchers abstract and manifold ways of thinking.
The volume was determined by virtual lines connecting the plot with various Munich research institutions in the field of biotechnology. The outside shield has numerous folds and cuts luring the outside world into the building and providing the inner spaces with sunlight and views. The design of the interior focuses on communication, interpersonal contacts, mobility and changeability. All labs and offices can be divided into small units or grouped into large laboratory environments. The central space of the Innovation and Start-Up Center for Biotechnology not only serves physical communication but is a compilation of various meeting points, inspiring spontaneous conversations and encounters.

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