About This Project

For this project we have redesigned the 5th floor of the former International Criminal Court Building in the Hague. After the ICC moved out to its new location, the building has gone through a transformation into a multi-company edifice. Our client, an accountant company, has rented the fifth floor and asked us to design a modern and healthy office for them.

When we started, the floor had a traditional layout with a corridor in the middle and closed offices on its both sides. After talking to the employees of the different departments within the company, we came up with a completely different arrangement. Our idea was to give them a healthy and modern work environment where the employees and clients alike feel welcomed and taken care of. Where everyone is part of the community and at the same time each individual has enough personal space for concentrated work. The goal was to create a space where one is not alone but does also not feel exposed. So we grabbed our “Office of the Future” principles list and started designing.

We have decided to take down the existing walls and set up a new open-office landscape which we then divided into smaller spaces with the help of organic bubbles. The bubbles are placed on the floor plan in a way that allows for sneak views into the next-door-spaces and while embracing, with a hugging gesture, the smaller “rooms”. The “rooms” are always filled with natural light and serve as domains of different departments of the company where 4 colleagues share one working island. The bubbles have been placed on the inside of the floor plan and house the common functions that everyone shares: meeting rooms, telephone booths, lunch facility, printing room, toilets etc.

Another important issue in this design is sustainability. We not only tried to use as little materials as possible, but also took great care when choosing the few materials required. We decided to give up the installation of the suspended ceilings and spend that part of the budget on modern intelligent LED lightning system and beautiful recycled PET felt furniture by DeVorm. All the doors, interior glazings and frames have been recycled from the office space found when we started the project. We have filled all the spaces with lots of plants to serve as natural air filter and improve the acoustics of the open spaces. And we added a shower to the sanitary block for the employees commuting by bike.


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