About This Project

By releasing municipal land for particular development, the municipality gives prospecting inhabitants the opportunity to build their own homes inside the inner city barriers.
SKA15 is an example design to build your own home for a plot where you can build you own home on one of these developments. It has been designed with modern families in mind, in which family members work from home. The modern availability of home working makes investing in bigger houses which can accommodate family and working life more and more attractive for young families.
With a facade that stands out on the street, this example design to build your own home has a recognisable appearance that can work as a business card. On the ground floor, space has been reserved for an office or a studio, easily accessible for appointments and separated from the living space. The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large kitchen connected to the upper living room through a void.

Designed together with Nugter Architectuur

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Architecture Solutions, Functionality, Future Concepts, Kavelwoning, Modern living, Urban