About This Project

Symonszstraat 40 is a sleek conversion of a former garage into a spacious loft. The construction permit was obtained swiftly due to the fact that the added spaces are compliant with all the necessary construction and design regulations.

Smart design has enabled to transform this old garage and basement into a spacious loft home with a sterling souterrain. We have placed a big window in the front elevation providing daylight for the living room and the hereunder situated bedroom. The front part of the living room has been lifted, creating a cozy seating area and ensuring that enough light enters to the souterrain. The remaining ground floor is one large space consisting of the living room, the dining room and a generous kitchen connected to the back garden. Two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a fitness-room are located in the basement. Both bedrooms enjoy natural sunlight through the new windows. The master bedroom, overlooking the garden and the second bedroom, is positioned at the street side. All in all this conversion of a garage into spacious loft has made it possible for a family to enjoy this beautiful space.


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