About This Project

Westbroekpark has a huge potential to complement and enhance the allure and diversity of the surrounding neighbourhoods of the city. We see the space that Westbroekpark offers as a relief, an oasis between the tourist beach of Scheveningen and the hectic pace of the city. The Westbroekpark today offers various activities. From a playground to large football pitches, from walking in the Rosarium to picnicking in the grass. If we take a closer look, we still miss a connecting element between these activities.
This location requires a multifunctional social meeting place providing room for varied activities throughout the year. A casual place where people can go after a long day of work to relax with a drink and enjoy the sunset. Where children can go exploring after school and during the weekend and learn through play. A place where acquaintances and strangers can meet in workshops or courses. A space where art plays a connecting and educational role, for art speaks the international language and helps interact. The educational, artistic nature of the concept offers sufficient possibilities for this idea. We want to teach children playfully and show them from where the ingredients on their plates come, so we will grow our own vegetables in the pavilion. The location offers space for small events, for example an intimate wedding in a beautiful location. In short, a location where REcreation, eDUcation and CULture come together, called REDUCUL! A multifunctional social meeting place concept for The Hague that caters to a very broad target group with unlimited possibilities.

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