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It has been a real pleasure to take part in the transformation of this beautiful building from 1870 in the upscale Archipel neighborhood of The Hague.


The upper floors of the building always housed living spaces, but the ground floor has undertaken quite some transformations since the building was built. Originally, it served as a vegetable shop, later an office supply shop was located here and last but not least, CNCPT A has remodelled it into a modern co-working space.


After stripping the interior space of the suspended ceilings, false-walls and other add-ons from the 80s, we discovered an absolutely charming space. And it has been a delightful designing process. The clients had a very clear vision on what this space should feel like. They wanted to start a homey co-working space for young, creative freelancers. The idea was to create not only a physical place but also a community. They wanted an intimate, quiet and unique interior where its members can not only focus on their work and exchange work experiences and knowledge but also relax and simply make new friends.


We decided to divide the long slim room into zones with different character and furnishings depending on their functionality. The flex working stations have been placed at the entrance. Nomad users can choose to work in a coffee-house like setting on the inside or the outside of the huge shopwindow or at a long communal table in the middle of the room. For the permanent members we have designed ergonomic workstations consisting of adjustable sit-stand tables, office armchairs and dedicated storage. For those who need more focus, a closed-off room has been created at the side of the main space. Furthermore, communal spaces to share between all users have been added throughout the floor plan. They consist of a sound isolated telephone booth for quiet calls, a meeting room for eight people, pantry with dining table, a comfy chatting corner with inspiring reading, a printing facility, toilets and a backoffice at the patio side of the plot.


To reach the cozy, homey character that we were after, we added lots of plants, artwork and soft furnishings throughout the building. Soft earthy tones were chosen to amplify the tranquility and the general spirit of The Sweet Spot. The final result wouldn’t be the same without the final concept styling by SBSN, who chose to work with artwork by Art In Return and fresh & dried flower compositions by teh flower artist Edenique.


Pictures by ByStudioPhylica


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