Lyceum Elst

About this project

This school building has been specifically and custom designed for the Lyceum Elst. This design was essential to realize the new and very ambitious curriculum. Part of this was to create a close-knit community centered around a large open space where all communal and general activities can take place. Supplemented with an ''educational landscape'' on each floor with its own identity, depending on the educational purposes of that floor. There is sufficient space on the floors for more focused education with specific areas of attention with a separate focus, which is achieved by sufficient closed and lockable classrooms.

Due to the layout, Lyceum Elst has an extremely clear floor plan, without dead corners and dark corners and corridors. And enables everyone to see the entire building from almost every angle. This creates an open, bright yet warm feeling for all users of the school building, evoking the same feeling for everyone who enters; this is a great, inspiring place for students and teachers to develop together.

Another very successful educational concept from LIAG Architects, who welcome you to view further project information at LIAG.

Being next to the Lyceum Elst IKC Buitenrijk the Frits Philips Lyceum two other very successful designs in the educational field.


New construction
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