About this project

With three major interventions, a picturesque corner house in Voorburg has been completely renovated into a modern house with extension and loft that connect the living areas. First, a small extension has been added to the rear of the house, creating a new entrance, wrapping the layout around the garden, making nature more involved in and around the house. Subsequently, the staircase was completely repositioned, enabling a completely new path in the house, stimulating interactions between the residents. Finally, opening the space between the ground floor and the first floor has brought an abundance of daylight into the home. As a result, the family members are visually and acoustically connected, regardless of where they are in the home. Three interventions, which in addition have completely transformed this corner house, adding a completely new layout, new functions and new possibilities to the house that are much better suited to the lifestyle of this young family.


Photography by Myrthe Slootjes


The interior of this project is more than worth a look: Check out the interior of this project

Uitbouw, Verbouw
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