Frits Philips Lyceum

About this project

The Frits Philips Lyceum in Eindhoven, where no fewer than 1600 students are taught, is a well-thought-out modern multifunctional & educational design, with attention to small-scale, in which two separate school organizations are housed with a distinctive appearance.

The aim of this concept was therefore to realize all the wishes of both organizations, and to make optimal use of this by sharing main facilities. With the attention to small-scale, we have succeeded here in creating small, intimate spaces for all students to be able to develop in a concentrated way and also to feel safe and at home.

Not an easy task, but through a well-coordinated intensive and collective design process, all goals have been more than achieved. Important in this process was the close involvement of teachers, students and their parents in the process.

LIAG Architecten is the founder of this multifunctional educational design. Both LIAG like with architizer more detailed information can be found 

A similar educational project is IKC Buitenrijk


New construction
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