About this project

ODB (onder de brug) is a temporary semi-floating composition of shipping containers. The main aim of the semi-floating shipping container design is to activate a forgotten corner of The Hague and bring life and action to a fantastic but neglected neighbourhood of a former power plant. Unlike so many other Dutch cities The Hague seems to be turning its back on the canals. With this proposal we hope to serve as an impuls to start enjoying the canals and make the most of their potential.

The semi-floating shipping container design will house a mini restaurant, a bar, spaces for events, a small handcraft-pasta factory and a boat-rental. Each of those elements has been carefully chosen to activate different social aspects and bring the neighbourhood back to life. The all-day-restaurant will be a perfect location for a lazy weekend brunch or an afterwork drink. The event-spaces will give the residents of the block a chance to get together and discover the things they have in common. The pasta factory will be a perfect supplier for lunch restaurants in the city-center and, in the evening, an ideal last-minute dinner pick-up place for the residents. The boat-rental will provide an extra focus on the water and enable boat rides through the canals of The Hague, all the way up to the port of Scheveningen.

By stacking the containers on top of each other, numerous terrases have been created and a variety of views and ways to enjoy the outside have been added to the project. By placing the composition in an open corner of the canal, people will enjoy the sunshine from the late morning until just before dusk.

The temporary and rough character of the semi-floating shipping container design has been inspired by the architecture of the former power plant. By adding different colours to the containers, the composition has gained a cheerful and inviting appearance.

With this project we entered the competition Great Plans. And we won!

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